It’s scorching inland, but temperatures are cool and things are hopping on the Oregon Coast.

It isn’t too late to beat the heat with a great getaway to the Coast. Here are some fun upcoming events:

Classic Car Show – July 21, 2018. This classic car show is a blast. Located in the PAC parking lot in Nye Beach, it is right across the street from three of our vacation rentals. Amazing cars, surf and great restaurants all in one location! From 10-5 Saturday.

Shop at the Dock – July 20 – August 17. Who doesn’t want to eat fresh seafood while visiting the Oregon Coast, and how cool is it to buy your dinner off the boat it was caught on just hours before?

Shop at the Dock is a free half-hour program that teaches you about the catch in each season; the best times to buy; and helps you to craft a perfect seafood feast. Contact, and bring a cooler and cash for the trip if you want to buy off the boat.  Parties of five or more are asked to reserve in advance.

Newport Bay to Brews – September 29. Can you think of a more beautiful place for a run than the Oregon Coast? This race, a 5K up to a Half Marathon, starts at Rogue Brewery, a two minute walk from Yaquina Bay Club. Do your run, then head back for some well-deserved awesome Rogue Brews.

Oregon Coast Jazz Party – October 5 – 7. Jazz, the ocean, the beach; it pretty much doesn’t get any better than this. This year’s Oregon Jazz Party honors Women in Jazz. It is right across the street from three of our vacation rentals. The PAC is a beautiful intimate venue with no bad seats. Don’t miss this one!

Ongoing – The Sylvia Beach Hotel in the heart of Nye Beach is a 100+ year old classic hotel with each room themed after a famous author (my fave, the Jules Verne Room) and an historic oceanfront setting.

The hotel staff will often allow visitors to tour the rooms at turnover (between 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM) if you politely request it. Open-door rooms can be viewed; rooms that are closed are occupied. Also some great history of the local area in the lobby for you history buffs.

Sea Lion Caves – The Bad Boys of the Coast can be visited for free at the Newport Bayfront next to Clearwater Restaurant (a favorite dining spot,) and if you see ones with tattoos or numbers on them, it means they are Sea Lion Gangstas, having been kicked out of a harbor before; most likely for eating the daily catch.

If you want to go more in-depth on all things Sea Lion, the Sea Lion Caves are a fun, if touristy, stop.

While Newport has a lot of the old, battle-scarred males, the Sea Lion Caves have many moms and their pups. Formed 25 million years ago, it is the world’s largest sea cave, towering up to 12 stories. Not to worry, they have an elevator. Fourteen miles south of Newport. Sea Lion Caves

Shipwrecks on the Oregon Coast – The Oregon Coast is one of the most beautiful yet treacherous spots in the world for mariners, and the Coast is full of shipwrecks both old and new. Learn about the tragic, dramatic, and sometimes inexplicable wrecks that can still be seen in some locations today at the Oregon Coast History Museum. Oregon Coast History Museum

It has been sizzling at our home in the Willamette Valley; close to 100 degrees the last few days.

Happily, we closed on our latest Dream Home last week, and I am heading out there tomorrow to get it ready for guests. Highs in the 60’s and lows in the 50’s sound pretty good to me right now!

My next post is a sneak preview of our new place, a 1926 waterfront estate with a private beach.  It should be ready for guests in early-to-mid August at a very discounted rate.  When complete, it will sleep 16 with a private beach and dock, and rent for over $1,500 a night.  Check the next post for details.

Watch for that, and message me on Facebook if you are interested in booking this summer.


Lauri Hines