Lauri Hines, CCIM, CPM

I am a real estate broker and investor.  I enjoyed a 30 year career in commercial real estate and asset management. In 2000, I started my own commercial real estate company, and eventually owned two commercial brokerage and property management companies in San Diego.

When my husband Roy and I moved to a small Oregon town in 2013, I knew that I would not be able to pursue the same line of work. I was also ready for new challenges after so many years in commercial real estate. 

When we lived in San Diego, we purchased a French Victorian home in the charming gold rush town of Julian California, about an hour outside San Diego. We loved it so much that we turned it into a vacation rental so other dog parents could vacation in the mountains with their pups. It was a beloved vacation home, with guests returning year after year. A movie was filmed onsite, and we have many wonderful memories from our time there. 

We decided to repeat that experience in Oregon, and for the past five years I have been buying and renovating homes on the Oregon coast. I am so lucky to be doing exactly what I love to do. I love every aspect; finding the property, negotiating the deal and closing escrow, all the while imagining what the property can be. 

While the sales process is going on, I haunt my favorite thrift and consignment stores looking for wonderful pieces that I can restore for use in our vacation rentals. 

We always buy some items new: mattresses, linens, TVs, appliances, etc., but I love the character and unique personality that a stunning vintage item provides. I also love restoring furniture. 

Roy thought I was crazy when we bought our first house together and I filled up our garage with vintage finds. But now he sees there is a method to my madness, and is as enthusiastic a thrifter as I am. 

During the renovation process, I live in the house. This is both so I can work on the property, and even more importantly, get a feel for the house and the neighborhood. I get to know my neighbors, the mailman, meet the neighborhood pups and their owners, and see what time each day the sun shines into different rooms. The house and I begin to communicate. Through the renovation and design process, I get a deep sense of the home and the neighborhood.

When we are done, the property  gets a name. The names are indicative of both the location and the nature of the home.  Yaquina Bay Club is serene and elegant, while Yaquina Surf Camp is fun and funky.

Once the property goes on the vacation rental market, I make it a point to stay at each of my homes at least once a quarter. It’s really important to view things from a guest’s perspective, so that our homes continue to be places where wonderful memories are made. 

Since I have lived in and renovated each home, these are definitely more than investments. These are homes I have lived in and love, and I think that comes through to our guests. It is also fascinating to see the difference in these homes from the time we buy them to what they are today.  Homes have a vibe. You can walk into a home that is warm and welcoming, or one that makes you tense and uncomfortable.

Most of the homes that we purchase are foreclosures, estate sales, distressed sales, etc.  All of them sat sad, vacant and unloved for a long time. When I first walk through the houses, they are cold and forlorn. By the time we finish our renovation, they are lived in, beautifully decorated and beloved homes. 

Once our guests arrive and start creating their own wonderful memories, it is amazing to see these houses come back to life. I love nothing more than walking into one of these homes and feeling all of the great vibes from so many happy family gatherings.  You can feel it the moment you walk in the door. Some are calm and serene, some are classic beach family fun, but all are happy and welcoming. 

I would live in any of these homes in a heartbeat. I guess that’s why I bought them in the first place. But I really love sharing them with our guests and their friends and families. Welcome!

I am a San Diego native,  entrepreneur and Mom who moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2013. I love it here, and am grateful my husband was game for a new adventure. I have two wonderful kids who are successfully forging their own paths in life, with partners I love and am thrilled to have as part of our family.

I am fortunate to live full-time on the gorgeous Oregon coast. I love traveling, and have spent a lot of time in Italy, with plans to travel more in the future as our lives become less hectic.

With that in mind, I am launching a platform for vacation rental hosts that will allow them commit time in their vacation rentals to stay rent free in other host’s homes. I know most of us hosts love to travel, and this will be a great resource for all of us. 

I love real estate, renovation and design. I also love thrifting and finding awesome pieces to go into our vacation homes. I have been able to combine all these passions over the last five years buying, renovating and staging our vacation rental homes. 

Although each home is unique, they all share casual luxury, character, unique vintage pieces, a sense of place, and an attention to detail that makes each one a great home away from home for you and your family. 

My husband Roy and I share our home with our fur children,  four Rottweilers and an entitled Bombay cat. They love people, and are always excited to meet our Waldport guests when we are at the other house on the property. Once our dogs say hello, they resume their full-time jobs of sleeping and patrolling the shoreline for harbor seals and other aquatic invaders, much to the amusement of our guests. 

I have been a host for 10 years, and love welcoming guests and future friends into our homes. Thanks for stopping by.  We hope to welcome you soon. 


Lauri Hines

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