Lauri Hines is a Principal Oregon Broker whose passion is renovating and designing amazing vacation homes her guests will love. Each home is unique, but all feature incredible locations, sophisticated, fun design, and unique and stylish decor.

The homes reflect the happy times enjoyed there. From anniversaries to family reunions, milestone birthdays to graduations, Lauri is thrilled to provide fabulous gathering places for her guests to create lifetime memories.

When she isn’t helping guests, on a ladder, or blowtorching lumber for the next accent wall, Lauri can be found at her favorite local thrift stores, where she hunts for wonderful vintage pieces to refurbish for use in future homes.

Lauri also buys, renovates and sells homes on the Oregon Coast and the Southern Oregon wine region, adding value and stability to these communities.

Lauri is the president and founder of Oregon Rottweiler Rescue, a pending 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the rescue, transport, and adoption of Rottweilers and other bully breeds. She and her husband Roy live with their pack of Rottweilers, cats, goats, llamas, and chickens on a small farm by a lake in the Eugene area.

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